Cottonwood Pass

Elevation - 12,126ft
38°49′40.31″N 106°24′33.37″W
Not a common pass due to high terrain, but Cottonwood Pass can be a good option to cross the Continental Divide over the Sawatch Range. Nearest AWOS is Cottonwood Pass (132.050 / 303-512-4419).

Remarks: Easily identified by Cottonwood Pass Rd (summer) and the Mount Yale and Mount Princeton (on the east side). More favorable winds may exist than that of Monarch Pass and Independence Pass. Use caution: high winds, turbulence, and mountain obscuration may exist. Use caution, Turner Peak (13,233ft) 1.5NM to the east and Jones Mountain North (12,995ft) 1.7NM to south. Multiple 14,000ft mountains in the area and severe downdrafts and updrafts may exist.

Other Local Passes: Haggarman Pass, Independence Pass, Monarch Pass