Rollins / Corona Pass

Elevation - 11,676ft
39°56'03''N 105°40'58''W
A high and wide pass over the Continental Divide in Northern Colorado that connects the northern Colorado Front Range to the north central mountain Region including Granby, Steamboat Springs and Hayden. Also an alternate to I-70 for heading west to Western Colorado. Nearest AWOS is Berthoud Pass to the southeast (132.325 / 303-512-4416).

Remarks: A popular crossing route along the Continental Divide that gives Northern Colorado pilots access to the central mountains and Western Colorado. Use caution for high winds, mountain wave including downdrafts and turbulence. Use caution, James Peak (13,294ft) 5.6NM to the south and Mount Jasper (12,923ft) 4.1NM to north.  Glider activity from Boulder Airport (KBDU) may be located in this area on the eastern side. If high winds are predicted, Cameron Pass to the north is a better alternative.

Other Local Passes: Cameron Pass, Berthoud Pass, Loveland Pass, Rabbit Ears Pass.